What’s going on in Liège? 2018 ASTP-Proton’s Annual Conference

//What’s going on in Liège? 2018 ASTP-Proton’s Annual Conference

One of the largest community of members within ASTP-Proton stems from Belgium, which is no surprise when you consider the number of years that Belgium universities have been implementing knowledge transfer.

Led by strong teams of professionals from KULeuven, UCLouvain and the University of Liege we have been involved from the very beginning in ASTP and Proton Europe too ; our legacy in long and strong.

Today, LIEU and TTO Flanders gather all Belgian TTOs and work together when it is relevant at the Federal State level.

As a small country, Belgium has a limited domestic market, and industry must be innovative, and work closely with academia. Open Innovation and Triple Helix systems are a reality in the companies and labs of Belgium and will be a featured during the ASTP-Proton Conference. Actual ecosystems have been built year after year for boosting IP awareness, open innovation process, company creation, and entrepreneurship, … with investment funds, POC funds, spin-off funds, collaborative research funds, TT companies, incubators, FabLabs, student-venture labs, clusters, poles of competitiveness, and science parks.

Belgium is a small laboratory of diverse experiences, which we are open to share with colleagues and now ASTP-Proton Conference guests too.

The conference will also focus on European matters, on industry collaboration, and on company creation, which accurately reflects the high activity of Belgian universities in the economy and their impact on the society.

Of course, for LIEU and TTO Flanders, this conference is an opportunity to highlight their active role among academia, industry, for companies, and for our own stakeholders and scientists. It also offers a possibility to for all participants to gather the best experiences from Europe and abroad, in order to show that Knowledge Transfer is a international community, facing and solving the same problems everywhere.

This year is also the 200th anniversary of the University of Liege and the University of Ghent which were founded together by the Dutch King, Wilhem to boost the rising industry in Wallonia and in Flanders.

Two hundred years on, and it can be said that each university has played a key role in the development of their cities; of the industry, economy, socially and culturally. This is especially true when it concerns transferring the economy from a heavy economy to a high-tech economy.

So, read the programme and join us in Liege for a warm Belgian welcome.