Reasons to back us – Sponsorship special

//Reasons to back us – Sponsorship special

As we approach our 2018 Annual Conference we are asking a variety of established sponsors to unpack their reasons for investing in ASTP-Proton events. First in the line is Ascenion GmbH, the technology transfer partner of leading life science-institutes of the Helmholtz and Leibniz Associations and university clinics.

Why do you sponsor ASTP-Proton?

As we are a technology transfer company ourselves and find it very important to have a European TT association which fosters knowledge exchange between top TT organisations like such as with Oxford Innovation, KU Leuven TTO or Max-Planck-Innovation. It’s essential to get access to benchmarking, best practice and to learn from each other. Thus, we not only support ASTP-Proton by having an active part in the network but also in financial terms through sponsorship.

What community do you reach by having a profile at our events?

We certainly hope to establish Ascenion as a brand regarding technology transfer in the Life Sciences field in Europe and would like to reach European research institutes and universities as potential cooperation partner.

What are your impressions of ASTP-Proton events and would you recommend them to other potential sponsors?

The ASTP-Proton events are very professionally organised and offer a very good balance between training and networking: just what we expect it to be. The atmosphere is very pleasant because the events gather a community that is very open-minded and congenial. Sponsorship of an ASTP-Proton event would be a good choice to make for other businesses in the field.

What are the results of your sponsorship?

This sponsorship gives us added visibility and may have contributed to some cooperation we have established with other TT organisations such as e.g. BTO Bergen, MRCT or Karolinska.

We have built a relationship with people from an incubator in Amsterdam, and they are now participants to our start-up event, the Biotech Network.