Road to RTTP


The Road to RTTP

Get the status you truly deserve

The best road to become registered Technology Transfer Professional

Do you want to be recognized as a professional, part of a globally-recognized community of proficient colleagues across various disciplines? As someone who efficiently facilitates knowledge and technology transfers and enables industry and our broader society to benefit from the endeavors of our researchers? If your answer is “Yes” you should apply for Registered Technology Transfer Professional status and open up possibilities to advance your tech transfer career.

Become world wide recognized RTTP

Registered Technology Transfer Professional status recognizes the accomplishments, roles, skills, knowledge, and deal-making expertise of technology transfer professionals on a world-wide basis. It tells employers, colleagues and others in our industry that you have demonstrated core competencies and are responsible for significant achievements and contributions in the field of knowledge and technology transfer. And this is exactly what you deserve.

How to gain Registered Technology Transfer Professional status?

In order to help you start the journey towards this accreditation we created a range of “Professional development packages” based on our experience of the variety of training courses, master classes and previous experiences of other practitioners, many of whom are progressing towards or have gained Registered Technology Transfer Professional accreditation.

We offer you attractive packaging with a personal touch. By signing up to ASTP-Proton’s Road to Registered Technology Transfer Professional you will obtain:

  • Personalized track towards your acknowledgement as an Registered Technology Transfer Professional, the only globally recognized certification in the technology transfer profession. Your track will be customized to your particular background, skills, ambitions and interests;
  • A dedicated guide and RTTP mentors coordinated at ASTP-Proton headquarters will be available to answer any questions you may have, to make sure that you receive invitations to relevant training courses, workshops and other events;
  • Personal guide that will facilitate your introductions to people and networks that will be beneficial to you as you continue to advance in your career.

Gain experiences from other practitioners and colleagues

The Road to Registered Technology Transfer Professional program is based on the principles of on-the-job training, and it includes a combination of self-studying, workshops, training classes, and networking events – summarized in a thesis based on one of your own projects in your own KTO.

All training and coaching under the program will be provided by senior experts in our profession, all certified RTTPs themselves, and individually approved by the Board of Directors of ASTP-Proton to provide these services.

The idea is that our value proposition must be attractive to the individual member. It must also demonstrate a very clear cost-benefit to the KTO-director, who will approve the cost.

RTTP – Your next step toward success

Our Road to Registered Technology Transfer Professional program for KTOs is designed to:

  • Provide a predictable and tangible value at a reasonable cost;
  • Allow you demonstrate clear and reputable actions to grow the capacity of your KTO.
  • Allow you to “outsource” critical training of your staff while at the same time ensure progress in one or more of the projects the student is working on;
  • Expand the collective competencies and active network of your organization;
  • Put you on a path towards accreditation within your organization;
  • The cost of the program consists of a fixed, annual fee to be negotiated depending upon the range of services requested;