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Registration for ASTP-Proton members

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Product Description

Membership types

ASTP-Proton has several types of membership which are described hereafter.


2.1          Individual Full Membership.

This is the standard type of membership ASTP Proton which gives its members full access to the website and all its information. Moreover, such members have voting rights at meetings of the general assembly. Voting rights are reserved for the member himself not to any organization in which the member is connected or employed.

2.2          Individual Associate Membership

The associate membership is for individuals who wish to be involved in some of the activities of ASTP-Proton, such as website, conferences, etc. while accepting certain restrictions such as no voting rights, no discounts on events and limited access.

2.3          Student Full Membership

To be eligible for this membership the individual shall be a student, currently enrolled in a master degree program or pursuing a PhD degree with a university or college.

2.4          Group Individual Full Membership.

An employer may nominate multiple named employees who each receive Individual Full Membership. However to recognise those multiple employees for membership and receive group discount, the following conditions are to be met:

–          The individuals in question must belong to the same employer (i.e. have the same Internet domain in their email-addresses).

–          The employer must be an institutional member in good standing with ASTP-Proton.

–          If a TTO, the Director of the TTO must be signed up as an Individual Full Member and serve as the point of contact towards ASTP-Proton.

–          The employer will provide a list of names to ASTP-Proton of all Individual Full Members which will be invoiced in return.

–          The employer must accept and pay one invoice per group application from ASTP-Proton with the total membership fees for all employees registered on our website.



Prices and discounts membership ASTP-Proton

Hereafter the rates and discounts for membership based on an annual membership.


3.1          The standard rate for Individual Full Membership is EUR. 250.00 per calendar year.


3.2          The membership fee per calendar year for Individual Associate Membership is EUR. 60.00.


3.3          The membership fee per calendar year for Student Full Membership is EUR. 60.00.


3.4          Volume discounts for Group Individual Full Members with the same employer. A cumulative EUR. 10.00 discount is offered for each additional employee signing up for Individual Full Membership, down to a minimum of EUR. 60.00 for each person.

For clarification hereafter an example of volume discounts in practice for Individual Full Membership

1st Membership pays     EUR. 250.00

2nd Membership pays    EUR. 240.00

3rd Membership pays    EUR. 230.00

And so on till

19th Membership pays EUR. 70.00

20th Membership pays  EUR. 60.00

21st Membership pays  EUR. 60.00


In case members and employer are from countries as mentioned under article 3.2, the first member will pay EUR. 150.00 and each other member as described under article 3.3 will pay EUR. 10.00 less with an minimum of EUR. 60.00 per member.


3.5          In previous year ASTP-Proton have had a discount for CEE countries which is now been replaced by discount based on national purchasing power according the official EU/eurostats indices of purchasing power for 2014.,_consumption_per_capita_and_price_level_indices

For individual full members from a country with an official Price level index below 80, the membership fee shall be EUR. 150.00.