Participate in ASTP-Proton’s FY2016 survey: deadline extended

//Participate in ASTP-Proton’s FY2016 survey: deadline extended

The Survey Committee of ASTP-Proton is collecting and analysing relevant data from as many European countries and as many knowledge and technology transfer organisations (KTOs) as possible to be able to provide a report with a representative overview of European KTO´s activity and output.

ASTP-Proton is pleased to announce the launch of the financial year 2016 (FY2016) survey. Corresponding data on knowledge transfer activities can now be submitted until March 30, 2018.

Why participate in this survey?

With the overview and bench marking information that this Europe-wide survey and resulting report provides, you will be able to compare your own organisation´s activities and output to your European peers and influence your institutional, national and European knowledge and technology transfer (or even research) funding strategies.

If you participated in our last survey (FY 2015) you should have received the corresponding report in Q4/2017 otherwise you can now download it via the following link:

To achieve that goal we kindly invite your KTO to participate in this European survey for FY2016.

How to participate in this survey?

Data are submitted via the SurveyGizmo platform following this link:

The “save and continue later” option of the online questionnaire that can be selected at the top of every survey page allows you to save the survey before completion and revisit it at a later point in time to add new data or change data that were entered previously. Please be aware that this option is only available so long as you have not pressed ‘submit’ at the end of the survey. If you have submitted your survey but would like to revisit it, then please contact us at

When using the “Save and continue later” option you will be prompted to provide your email address. An email containing a link back to the unfinished survey will then be sent to you.

For your convenience, please download the survey questionnaire as a pdf file so you may view the questions in advance and identify the data to be collected before beginning the survey online.

PLEASE DO NOT USE THE PDF TO ENTER DATA MANUALLY. Data must only be entered online via the link provided above.

Please complete as many questions as possible and read and consider supplementary notes to the questions (e.g. definitions and certain restrictions). If you are not entering data, we kindly ask you to provide us with the reason for not answering in the respective field.

As we intend to provide normalised figures for bench marking, using FTE staff numbers as well as R&D budget of the respective universities or public research organisations your office is serving, we would kindly ask you to take special care that such numbers are complete and correct. 


Will your data be publicly available?
All data provided will be solely handled by the Survey Committee Members with special care: the ASTP-Proton Survey Report will only provide anonymous and aggregate figures.

We will not publish data that can be traced to an individual organisation unless permission to do so is explicitly given in the survey form.

We strive to let our collected data and analysis be a meaningful reflection of knowledge and technology transfer activities and output in Europe and therefore depend on a significant participation from all over Europe. Therefore we would like to let you know that we  value highly your willingness to contribute and your continued support!

Do you need any assistance?

For any matters concerning the survey, please do not hesitate to contact us at