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Initiate: Impact Story


As in 2012, ASTP-Proton aims to publish a series of stories about successful products or services made possible through research results from a European public research organization and the role of knowledge transfer professionals in achieving that success.

To be considered for selection, your story must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • the product, process or service builds on original research results obtained at a European public research organisation
  • the product, process or service is commercialised and successfully launched

From the eligible stories that are submitted, a group of 15 stories will be selected according to the following criteria

  • the product, process or service represents a major development in its market
  • the product, process or service has demonstrated a clear societal, environmental and/or economic impact
  • there is a clear role for technology transfer professionals in transferring technology from academia to industry

Highlight the success of your research efforts and help us in making this a success by submitting your best stories below.

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