The Software Special Interest Group was initiated at the ASTP-Proton software training course in Leiden in September 2016.
The aim of the group is to share insights, best practices, documents and templates, specifically on software commercialization and licensing.

The group identified the following three themes as most urgent and asked for across TTOs active in software licensing:

1) Software scouting & screening
     Key questions include:

  • Where and how can you identify researchers with innovative software technologies that might be commercialized?
  • How to evaluate software innovations in terms of software, IPR and team quality and market potential?

2) Software licensing
Key questions include:

  • What are the options and critical elements in drafting a good software term sheet and license agreement?
  • How to valuate software IP and software as an asset in a commercialization or startup context?

3) IP Software Lifecycle Management
Key questions include:

  • How to manage software related IP through the life-cycle of an R&D&I project: from project conception through to transfer and exploitation?
  • What are useful models for managing authorship and ownership of software in university, collaborative, spinoff, closed and open source settings?