Extended deadline ASTP-Proton survey FY2015

//Extended deadline ASTP-Proton survey FY2015

Many of you have requested an extension to the original deadline. As we would like to have as many KTOs as possible to participate, we happily announce that the deadline to submit your KT activities data has been extended to 15 March 2017.

Should you face difficulties in filling out the questionnaire you may request support by sending email to survey@astp-proton.eu or skip the respective question if necessary.

We would highly appreciate to receive data from your knowledge transfer organization for this European survey. A high level of participation and contribution to the Survey is very important as we wish to be able to provide meaningful and representative European technology transfer metrics data.

Why participate in this survey?
With the overview and benchmarking information that this Europe-wide survey and resulting report provides, you will be able to compare your own organization’s activities and output to your European peers and influence your institutional, national and European knowledge and technology transfer (or even research) funding strategies. A total of 369 PROs participated in the survey for financial year 2014. Download a copy of the FY2014 survey report.

How to participate in this survey?
Invitation emails were sent to European TTOs that have participated in the past, if you have not received the invitation email and would like to participate, please contact us at survey@astp-proton.eu

Is your national association also performing a survey?
If you receive a survey request from NETVAL, REDOTRI, ReseauCURIE, HEFCE, we kindly ask you to complete that survey as your national association will share data with ASTP-Proton. You may also receive the ASTP-Proton survey through Universities Denmark, Technologie Allianz, DTTP, IKTIG or other national associations for knowledge and technology transfer. In such case, we kindly ask you to return your responses in the way indicated by your national association or use the submission options provided in this email. Please don’t forget to allow data sharing by inserting the name of the national association in question 5 of the questionnaire.

When is the survey deadline?
The survey will remain open until Wednesday, 15 March 2017.

Will your data be publicly available?
The ASTP-Proton Survey Report will only provide anonymous and aggregate figures. We will not publish data that can be traced to an individual organization unless permission to do so is explicitly given by you in the survey form.

Who to contact if you any questions?
Should you face any issues completing our questionaire, please drop us an email at survey@astp-proton.eu and we will get back to you.

We strive to let our collected data and analysis be a meaningful reflection of knowledge and technology transfer activity and output in Europe and therefore depend on significant participation from all over Europe. Therefore we would like to let you know that we highly value your willingness to contribute and your continued support!

Our special thank goes to many national associations that offered us to cooperate in collecting and sharing national data and to all those representatives of the national associations who helped us shaping the questionnaire for FY 2015.