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What is a site visit?

Site visits give valuable insights into the way TT offices operate and of their organisation, genesis and underlying principles – vastly more than listening to any presentation or visiting any website. The take-home messages are likely to be very personal – it will be down to individual members to decide what they can apply back in their own environment. But one way or another, this site visit offers a unique chance to gain new insights, exchange ideas and offer inspiration that will be relevant to your day job.

This one-day event includes a series of talks – but with plenty of time for facilitated discussion. Numbers are limited to 35 participants in order to preserve an informal atmosphere.

Previous site visits

Site Visits
Visited InstitutionLocationSummary
25 October 2017High Tech Campus Eindhoven and PhilipsEindhoven, the Netherlands
10 October 2016CERNGeneva, SwitzerlandLink
29 February 2016Cambridge EnterpriseCambridge, United KingdomLink
22 September 2015KU Leuven Research & DevelopmentLeuven, Belgium
13 October 2014IMECLeuven, Belgium
31 March 2014Imperial CollegeLondon, United Kingdom
03 April 2009Cancer research technologyLondon, United Kingdom
11 April 2008KU Leuven Research & DevelopmentLeuven, Belgium
14 September 2007Isis EnterpriseOxford, United Kingdom