On-site training





There is no such thing as being complacent about knowledge. If you’re not constantly advancing, you risk operating less optimally than you could be.
If you want to avoid being overtaken by time, new strategies or trends, and you want to continually enhance and update your skill set, ASTP Proton on-site training for you and your team could be the simplest answer to your needs.

This is an accessible, customizable and personal way to secure both individual and team growth and, consequently, improve the success of your organization itself – because motivated and optimally trained employees can deliver great things.


Why On-site Training?

When asked for aid by a neighboring state, ancient Sparta would responded by sending just one man. That man had one task – to teach allies and share with them the skills and knowledge of Sparta.

ASTP Proton on-site training is a programme that gives you access to the collective wisdom and experience of your peers and experts. It lets you select the courses you exactly need, whenever and wherever you want. Moreover, this is a way to acquire this knowledge at an affordable price, matching your training requirements with the right highly qualified trainer(s).

On-site training is an option that allows you to train as many employees as you wish — from just a single team or department to everyone in your organisation.


Secure your success

With on-site training programme you are enabled to:

  • Choose from an existing course or combine topics for a customized programme;
  • Select on which day(s) the training takes place;
  • Choose where the training will take place – at your location or somewhere else;
  • Select from 10 up to 45 participants – beginners or advanced level;

What training topics are at your disposal?

  • Licensing strategies
  • Business negotiation
  • Marketing
  • Technology Transfer
  • Spin-outs
  • IP
  • Financing
  • Evaluation
  • Tech models, etc.

Save money, get honey

Travel expenses and time away from the office often limit who can participate in training. In order to make things as easy for you as possible, and maximize the impact of your budget, we bring the training to you, saving you travel and accommodation costs.

Can on-site trainings be credited for ATTP certification?


ASTP Proton
is one of the founding members of the Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals. ATTP was established in 2010. to recognize and promote individuals with core competencies and provide approved training for individuals wishing to acquire skills to become Registered Technology Transfer Professionals.

As a result, all our on-site trainings can be credited for ATTP certification. The number of Continuing Education points depend on the hours of provided training.

For more information contact our Network coordinator Ancilla Sterrenburg-Kluin via phone: +31 711 3511 or email:

We look forward to our cooperation.