ASTP-Proton, being a not-for-profit organisation, is open for collaborations that promote knowledge and technology transfer across Europe.

We currently have collaborations with the following:

The Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals (ATTP) is the international body for professionals engaged in technology transfer (TT). ATTP was established to recognize and promote individuals with TT core competencies and provide approved training for individuals wishing to acquire TT skills and become Registered Technology Transfer Professionals (RTTP).

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German research is producing a wealth of results with the potential to change lives, including new approaches to treating cancer, environmentally friendly ways of handling toxic waste and innovative catalytic techniques. Ascenion works closely with public research facilities and clinics to tap this potential by identifying promising results, obtaining patent protection, and turning pure science into applied technology..

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IAM is a unique publication which reports on intellectual property as a business asset and focuses on the many ways in which it can be used to create significant corporate value. ASTP-Proton members receive a 10% subscription discount to  IAM. To claim your 10% discount, please contact the headquarters for more information.

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The level of quality of IE master’s and executive education programs have positioned it among the best in the world in international rankings drawn up by key publications that include Financial Times, BusinessWeek, Forbes, The Economist, Aspen Institute and América Economía.

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innoget is a marketplace of technology offers and requests. A global community comprised of thousands of professionals who have free access to technology requests and offers posted by international organizations.

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