Software Specific Challenges in Technology Transfer

///Software Specific Challenges in Technology Transfer

Software Specific Challenges in Technology Transfer


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Learning Objectives

  • By the end of the course, the participants will be acquainted with:
  • the different terminology used in software and computer implemented inventions, as well as the implications of software development for due diligence and licensing;
  • Understand the different forms of IP that apply in software, and how to use them;
  • Set a strategy for licensing, taking into account the opportunities and limitations of using open source licenses;
  • Design business models around software and computer-implemented inventions, and how to scale them;
  • Identify different market channels available (app, cloud, licensing models, hardware/software bundles), and align their use with a specific business model;
  • Recognize what investors look for in a software-based business.


  • Software terminology
  • Due diligence in software-implemented inventions
  • Alternative IP forms for Software
  • Open Source software
  • Software-specific terms in license agreements
  • Market channels available
  • Business models in software
  • Software-based spin-offs

Why join this course?

During this three-day course you will dive into the software-specific challenges in technology transfer. Kicking off with an overview of inventions, patents, licenses, and business concepts that are related to software. The challenges of software and which factors to be aware of when considering the basics will also be addressed, in addition to less-familiar forms of IP protection. Other points for discussion are big data, marketing channels, and software-based spin-offs. The course is highly interactive, including exercises and case studies.

Who should attend?

The diversity of intellectual property rights is overwhelming for any technology transfer professional. Besides computer-implemented inventions, a technology transfer professional working in the software area has to deal with copyright, open source licenses, end-user licence agreements, and sui generis rights. This course is designed for professionals that have at least 6 months experience in technology transfer and are working with software and computer-implemented inventions.

The software course has provided invaluable information as our TTO expands to take on software cases.
Tom Withnell, University of Vienna, Austria
Place where great experienced people brings knowledge to less experienced colleagues.
Justinas Baužys, Vilnius University, Lithuania
It was a wonderful mixture of networking, experience and the possibility to meet people with some problems, but different solutions – it was a win-win situation for all!
Sara Matt-Leubner, University of Innsbruck, Austria
The software training filled in the many blanks and brought together my “fractionated” knowledge in a structured way. Very useful!
Ilse Sienaert, KU Leuven Research & Development, Belgium